Rosé All Day on 30A


by Doruk Gurunlu


Many of the first recorded wines were rosé, lighter drinks made by watering down field blends of combined white and red grapes. It was considered civilized to dilute wine in ancient Greece; only barbarians drank pure wine. Eventually, the Greeks and Romans explored separating grapes by color, resulting in distinct red and white wines. However, these early examples of red wine were often tannic and hard to drink. For centuries, less harsh and lighter colored wines, rosé in particular, remained the beverage of choice. Almost none of the rosé wines can age, they are meant to be enjoyed in one to three years of production. The only exception to that is the rosé wine from the small beach town of Bandol, France.

In the sixth century, Phocaeans brought grape vines to Massalia (Marseille) in southern France. Later, when the Romans ruled Provence, they used their already established trade network to supply wine to far flung parts of the world. As a result, southern France became the epicenter of rosé.

Pescado carries Rock Angel rosé from Cotes de Provence, made with Grenache and Rolle (vermentino). By the glass or bottle, it’s an easy drinking rose that goes well with any of our raw bar items as well as our scallops and salads. For sparkling rosé, we have Dibón Brut Rosé and cava from Spain. Made with Garnacha, elegant, red fruit-driven bubbles, it is especially good with Hamachi Kama or any of our seafood dishes.  We offer Mourvèdre, a heavy blend, complimented with Grenache, cinsault and syrah, as well as Chateau Romassan and Bandol rosé making those a perfect match for our duck, lamb and whole fish dishes.

Please join us for some refreshing and exciting rose.

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Originally from Turkey, Doruk Gurunlu has lived in the United States since 2005 when he came to South Walton. Doruk has many passions – wine being one of them. He truly enjoys talking about wine with his friends and guests at Pescado in a way that makes the knowledge of wine accessible and relatable.