Sauvignon Blanc is a Summer Delight


by Doruk Gurunlu


As we are experiencing the hottest days of the summer, the demand for light, refreshing wines is skyrocketing.  

Sauvignon blanc, which traces its origins to western France in the Loire Valley or the Bordeaux region, is our pick for a light and refreshing wine to sip. In the 18th century, the vine paired with Cabernet Franc to parent the cabernet Sauvignon. That grape is herbal, vegetal, citrusy, aromatic and very versatile. It has thin skin which makes it susceptible to diseases and rot, but despite that sauvignon blanc is one of the main grapes in sweet wines of Sauternes. Aside from French Sauvignon blanc, New Zealand’s sauvignon blanc has strong citrusy flavors with grapefruit dominant and vegetal notes. These wines are perfect with light seafood options.

We also recommend Domaine Saget, which is more of a mineral driven wine with a hint of green notes, touch of citrus and subtle tropical fruits. I like to match this wine with our raw bar options, especially the Crudo. Chateau carbonnieux white wine, a blend of Sauvignon blanc and Semillon, shows more body and less acid. I really like it with lightly prepared white meat entrees, such as our chef's feast or crab cakes. In my opinion, the most well-known food and wine pairing on the planet is sauvignon blanc with foie gras. The acidity in the sauvignon blanc mixed with raisinated flavors can stand up to the super rich flavors and textures of foie gras. As a dessert course, I personally like cheese board or foie gras both of which can be accompanied with one of our sauvignon blanc wines.

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Originally from Turkey, Doruk Gurunlu has lived in the United States since 2005 when he came to South Walton. Doruk has many passions – wine being one of them. He truly enjoys talking about wine with his friends and guests at Pescado in a way that makes the knowledge of wine accessible and relatable.