Stop Saying Can't; Start Decanting


by Doruk Gurunlu


Decanting is the process of gradually pouring wine or any solution from one container into another without disturbing the sediment. There are many reasons to decant; the first being to aerate the wine. Older wines or high tannin wines can benefit from decanting in order to show their true potential. Brunello di montalcino, Barolo, Hermitage, Bordeaux reds and older cabernet sauvignon wines are some of the wines which demonstrate the power of decanting to produce more exact flavors. Currently, Pescado has 2009 Rose Rioja and 2005 white Rioja which are great examples of non-red wines that need decanting. They both have so much potential and need a little bit of oxygen to flourish. Vintage champagnes can be decanted as they age. They may lose bubbles, but develop more complex even magical flavors. The second reason for decanting is to clear the sediments. As red wine ages, tannins in the wine solidify and become sediments. In order to catch those sediments, red wines should be decanted. The third reason to decant is to create a showy presentation for wine lovers. When guests buy an expensive bottle of wine, it adds to the appreciation of the wine to have the decanting process done at the table.

At Pescado, we have Bordeaux reds from 1982, 1989, 1995, chateauneuf du pape reds from 1998, Rioja red from 2006, Barolos, Brunellos, and Burgundies. No matter our preferences about our wine offerings, it is our guests who choose which wine to enjoy and whether to decant or not to decant. As sommeliers, we are on stage, creating memories for guests and making the meal as perfect as we can. We stand ready to assist in your enjoyment of our fine wines.

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Originally from Turkey, Doruk Gurunlu has lived in the United States since 2005 when he came to South Walton. Doruk has many passions – wine being one of them. He truly enjoys talking about wine with his friends and guests at Pescado in a way that makes the knowledge of wine accessible and relatable.